One of our Presses is the Heidelberg Anicolor

The Anicolor (HSA 52) was manufactured to produce printing jobs more cost efficiently and environmentally friendly than conventional presses. It prints in process just as standard presses do, aqueous coats and runs to approved color match print proofs.

You no longer have to compromise quality and the consistency of all your Branding efforts for the sake of price and turn around. This eco-friendly press gives you “COMMERCIAL PRINT QUALITY” and is priced at or below Digital printing.

The Anicolor Technology has jobs up and running in minutes. Paper waste is reduced dramatically. This remarkable press only needs 25 to 50 sheets of stock to make ready. Depending on your job size, you can save several hundred to several thousand sheets of paper that a conventional press demands. The HSA 52 plates are much lighter and more cost efficient to produce. It runs using soy based inks and can run any stock from thin Parchtone, to 16 Point Board, to full color envelopes.

A solution for so many of today’s concerns, all wrapped up in one press and with one company.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster Anicolor 52 and C & S Press.

Heidelberg.  The most precision and highest quality press in the world.  Superior registration on every sheet!